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  • 3:03
    High Speed Grinders vs Low Speed Grinders

    High Speed Grinders vs Low Speed Grinders

    I love sharpening my lathe chisels on a grinder. It makes for fast sharpening, which means I can get back to my lathe turning quickly. When it comes to sharpening chisels, as opposed to shaping, a metal edge, a low rpm grinder offers a lot of advantages. There are uses for high speed grinders too,

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  • 8:13

    How to Make Dovetail Joints and Fit Them Accurately

    Many projects call for dovetail joints because they’re strong and they’re attractive to look at. How to make dovetail joints with your jig may seem intimidating if you’ve never used one before. There are a couple of hints that can ease a lot of the frustration for inexperience dovetail joint builders. We have a variety

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  • 29:02

    How to Make a Wooden Bowl or Tray With a Router

    Watch this complete step-by-step video to learn how to make a wooden bowl or tray with your router. With the help of patterns and bits, your plunge router can transform a huge chunk of wood into something your lathe just couldn’t handle. Material Prep If you watch woodturning videos, you know that lathes have limitations

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  • 3:15

    Bill Stevens: Quick Oats

    Check out Bill Stevens Quick Oats 100 and find out how he made it from a Laser Cut Kit. It has 100 square inches of wingspan and the flying weight is just under 2 ounces. The Quick Oats 100 is a smooth flyer and is able to do mild aerobatics.

  • 5:24

    Thayer Syme: Grumman Albatross

    Thayer Syme introduces his RC Grumman Albotross. It has a 96.6 inch wingspan and has a flying weight of 8.5 pounds. The Grumman Albotross is able to fly for 15-25 minutes on a battery. Thayer recommends fiber glassing the bottom of the hull to help protect it from rocks and sand when you come up

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  • 2:49

    How to Photograph Projects: Using Your Smartphone Camera

    A smart phone can serve as a pretty good camera for your project photography. Check out how to set up exposure control and white balance on an iPhone and a Droid phone.

  • 4:52

    Tapering Furniture Legs on a Band Saw

    Here’s a simple way to produce tapers for furniture legs. No specialized jigs required. Just a band saw equipped with the right blade, and you’re good to go.

  • 9:38
    Finishing a Bridle Joint on a Bandsaw

    Finishing a Bridle Joint on a Bandsaw

    When it comes to wood joinery, bridle joints are incredibly strong. One way to make the bridle of the joint is on the bandsaw. It takes correct setting of the fence, scrap pieces, and test cuts, but once you’ve got it set up you’ll find that it’s easy to make a great fitting joint.

  • 13:11
    Porter Cable Dovetail Jig: Cutting Pins and Sockets

    Porter Cable Dovetail Jig: Cutting Pins and Sockets

    This is part three in a three- part series that will prepare you to successfully create through dovetails using a Porter Cable 4212 dovetail jig. Part one covered the initial setup of the jig, part two provided instruction on how to cut the tail portion of the through dovetail joint using the Porter Cable dovetail

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