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Classic Car Restoration Club

Classic car how-to videos from America's car restoration authority! Get access to our classic car restoration videos and learn the skills you need to put your ride back on the road.
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  • 13:18


    In the next step of our 1967 Chevy Chevelle rebuild, it’s time to reupholster the bucket seats. Craig Hopkins gives tips along the way as he starts with disassembling the seats completely. After the seats have been reupholstered, Craig and Aaron work on reassembling them. Craig also starts work on the door panel. The car

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  • 18:32
    How to Sand a Car: Hand Sanding

    How to Sand a Car: Hand Sanding

    Craig Hopkins explains how to sand a car with a paint stick around the edges without making a flat spot. He uses the water blade to distinguish where to sand more and where not to over sand. You will get an up close look on how to properly sand every difficult area, crease, and edge.

  • 29:05

    Learn How to Fix Rust Holes on a Car

    Brent Ackley and George Vondriska work together transplanting body parts on the 1977 El Camino. See exactly how they replace a hole in the bed of the El Camino by cutting it out and using a piece from a different El Camino. You’ll learn how to fix rust holes on a car through transplanting body

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  • 30:22

    Restoring a Classic Car: Adjustments / Balancing

    Adjusting and balancing the hood on your classic car can be a tricky part of restoring a classic car. Craig Hopkins understands that, and so he explains how a hood should move and operate and teaches you how to get the perfect fit. He helps you determine if you need to move the hinges up

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  • 9:33
    Install A Cruise Control Speed Sensor & Module

    Install A Cruise Control Speed Sensor & Module

    Watch Brent Ackley install a cruise control speed sensor and module on the 56 Chevy. Next, Brent and George Vondriska work under the hood. See how the cruise module goes in and how they connect into the linkage on the existing carburetor.

  • 33:41
    Classic Car Repair Tips: Repairs to Right Rear Door Gap

    Classic Car Repair Tips: Repairs to Right Rear Door Gap

    Craig Hopkins quarter panel has nice shape, but the door is too tight on the back now. While he provides you with helpful car repair tips, he will help you make the two parallel and on the same plane by fixing the quarter panel height to meet the door plane. You will do this by

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  • 21:17

    How to Tig Weld: Welding

    Identifying and selecting the correct fill rod is an important next step in TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding. Professional hot rod fabricator and welder, Gary Simpson shows us the different types available and explains their differences. He then explains the process to prepare the metal for welding, which includes removing surface contaminates, surface cleaning and

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  • 5:48

    Vehicle Floorpan Welding Basics & Examples

    Craig Hopkins provides you with awesome welding basics while he gets you off the tool bench and welds a floorpan into a classic car. He starts by applying a RS512 primer by Rubberseal that will give you a longer lasting repair, and then teaches you how to tightly and safely clamp the floorpan down.

  • 14:05

    How to Install Lowering Blocks

    Roadways across America were much different in the seventies and earlier than they are today. To compensate for rough roads and uneven pavement manufacturers gave their cars plenty of ground clearance, however today this elevated stance seems to rival that of most four wheel drive trucks. A popular conversion to give cars a more modern

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