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  • 2:13
    Golf Ball Trajectory and Swing Drills

    Body Turn for Great Tee Shots

    Learn the fundamentals for improving your body rotation on tee shots. In this video PGA Professional Charlie King shows you how to plant your left foot on tee shots. He explains how this helps improve your accuracy with your driver. He relates the technique to a baseball swing and field goal kicking to illustrate how planting your left foot improves your body turn for better power and control.

  • 14:49

    Golf Fitness Exercises: Vertical Jumping

    Fundamental movements are hopping, jumping, skipping, throwing and striking. In this video, David Donatucci focuses on vertical jumping and explains the direct correlation between vertical jumping and how fast you can swing your club. These vertical golf fitness exercises will show you how the muscles work with the mind and nerve endings, similar to how

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  • 4:18

    Squat Jumps Exercise

    David Donatucci demonstrates a variety of jump squat exercises that can be done anywhere with a flat, even surface. These exercises are designed to teach the body how to fire fast and quickly by accelerating the lower body. Explosive type movements like these are very similar to the way the backswing works, beginning with a

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  • 7:35
    Eliminating Miss Hits

    Eliminating Miss Hits

    In this video, PGA Professional Adam Smith teaches you how to eliminate miss hits. You will learn about spine angle, head position and swing path. You'll also learn an easy 5 minute drill you can do at home to help you get better balance and posture. By practicing these drills you will reduce your miss hits by maintaining stability through your swing. At the end of the video PGA professional Tom Henderson shows you several drills to improve your balance, rhythm and tempo.

  • 2:19

    Golf Swing Drills: The Aircraft Carrier Drill

    In this video, Joseph Hallett gives you tips and techniques on how to hit your fairway woods solid. Follow along and learn this simple, fun and effective drill called the aircraft carrier drill. This sweeping drill will help your shots soar!

  • 3:07
    The Benefits of Fairway Woods and Hybrid Clubs

    The Benefits of Fairway Woods and Hybrid Clubs

    Eric Hogge discusses the differences between fairway woods and hybrid clubs, and talks about the benefits of implementing both in your game. If you’re a lifter or a scooper, the lower leading edge on the hybrid will help you to avoid topping the ball more often, which can happen with a fairway wood thanks to

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  • 5:01

    Practice for Success

    Instructors Suzy Whaley and Gary Bates teach you how to get the most out of your practice sessions by helping you evaluating what facets of your game need the most improvement.

  • 18:23
    Great Practice Games

    Great Practice Games

    In this golf video PGA teachers Kip Puterbaugh, Mike Davis, Charlie King, Joe Hallett and Chip Koehlke show you a series of practice games. With these games you’ll learn how to improve your swing rhythm and body alignment. You’ll learn advanced games for hitting cuts, punches, fades and draws. You’ll also learn how to pick

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  • 11:10

    Proper Golf Swing Tempo

    In this video you’ll learn how to improve your tempo and fix inconsistent ball flight. PGA professionals Joe Hallett and Adam Smith explain how to fix your game when everything seems to be go wrong. You’ll learn what makes great tempo and how to recover yours when you lose it. By demonstrating several drills, these

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