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  • 3:46

    Proper Golf Setup for Putting

    Setting up and executing a good putt can pose some unique challenges.

  • 4:12

    How to Put a Spin on a Bunker Shot

    In this video, Christopher Smith gives you some tips on putting spin on a bunker shot. This is a difficult, risky shot, so he advises to play it only when you absolutely have to. But when the situation arises, these tips can be very effective. The key is to hit relatively close to the ball

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  • 13:51
    The Three Club System

    The Three Club System

    Former PGA Teacher of the Year Bill Forrest will show you to pitch and chip around the green better than ever. He’ll teach you his Three Club System to help improve your short game. To demonstrate this, Bill teaches you the variables you need to take into consideration and how to visualize your shot to

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  • 15:43
    Correct Golf Swing Path

    Correct Golf Swing Path

    In this video you will learn the proper swing path. PGA professional Rodney Green explains how to get an inside swing path. He demonstrates how an outside swing path creates a slice and how an inside swing path promotes a straight shot. You will learn several drills to help develop an inside swing path. Then, Jay Overton shows you several more drills to improve your ball striking and swing path, including a drill by the legendary Harvey Penick.

  • 9:51
    How to Take Your Golf Short Game to the Next Level

    How to Take Your Golf Short Game to the Next Level

    Do you have enough versatility in your golf short game to help you get up and down the green from the different situations you’ll face? In the first part of this video, PGA Professional Christopher Smith walks you through four steps to help enhance the versatility and creativity in your golf short game. In the

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  • 2:48

    USGA Golf Rules: Rule 21 – Golf Ball Cleaning

    In this video, Mark Wilson gives you many examples where Rule 21 from the USGA Golf Rules, golf ball cleaning, could come into play. He also discusses three situations where you are not permitted to clean your ball. By remembering these three, you’ll know that any other time that you have the ball in your

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  • 14:46
    Golf Ball Trajectory and Swing Drills

    Golf Ball Trajectory and Swing Drills

    Learn the keys to improving your ball striking and trajectory control. PGA professionals Kip Puterbaugh and Eric Johnson show you how to hit low trajectory and high trajectory shots. You’ll learn the top mistake most amateurs make with ball striking. You will also learn what pros “look at” when they swing the club and what

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  • 1:59

    Learn How to Improve Your Golf Swing with the “No Slice” Baseball Swing

    In this video Dr. Gary Wiren helps you avoid from the dreaded slice with this rotation of the forearm drill. When you swing your club like a baseball bat, your forearm naturally turns over and squares the face. Try this with your practice swing to create less tension and keep the club face square so

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  • 17:28

    Bunkers: Tackling the Tough Situations

    Brandel Chamblee shows you how to hit an uphill bunker shot. Next, PGA Instructor Joe Plecker, Jr. shows you how to play the difficult downhill bunker shot. And then, PGA Instructor Matt Kluck teaches you how to play a sidehill lie out of a bunker. You will also learn how to play buried and partially

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