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Videos: 46 Latest Video: Tuesday, March 01, 2016 10:03 AM
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  • 5:18

    Basic Maneuvers for Beginner RC Pilots

    Flying aerobatic maneuvers is exciting and part of radio control flying! In this RC hobby video, Bob Snyder teaches some basic maneuvers that you will want to learn before you begin to fly. Watch as he demonstrates the loop, aileron roll and inverted flight maneuvers.

  • 4:51
    How to Land an RC Plane

    How to Land an RC Plane

    Bob Snyder teaches you how to land an RC plane safely and efficiently. Landing your plane is something that needs to be done and in this featured video, Bob provides helpful tips and techniques for making the landing process much easier. Find out how the weather conditions play a role in the landing process and

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  • 3:02

    Eric Maglio: Boeing 717

    Eric Maglio introduces his Boeing 717 Airliner which he scratch built out of insulation foam. Eric drew up the plans and explains what materials he used and how he did it. The Boeing 717 has a 36 inch wingspan and weighs 25 ounces. Watch it soar in this RC Hobby Video.

  • 15:13
    Extreme Flight Championships 2007 Pt. 2

    Extreme Flight Championships 2007 Pt. 2

    We visit the Extreme Flight Championship in 2007 to showcase three pilots and their RC model aircraft. Zak Johns flies his IOX-X2 from Miniature Aircraft powered by an Actro 32-3 motor, Andy Panoncillo his Synergy N9 with an OS SZH engine, and Bert Magbanua his Raptor 90 SE with an OS 90 SZH engine.

  • 5:22

    Finding Center of Gravity (COG)

    Before you go flying, one of the most important things you will always want to check is your center of gravity (CG). Ben Duran, from Control Freaks RC, walks you through the process on how to find the center of gravity on your RC aircraft. Follow Ben’s tips and techniques to get your aircraft ready

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  • 11:48
    Floats, Skies & Waterproofing an RC Airplane

    Floats, Skies & Waterproofing an RC Airplane

    Anthony Ferretti teaches you how to add floats to an rc airplane in this video. Anthony also gives an overview on the way floats are designed. You’ll also learn step by step how to waterproof an rc airplane.

  • 4:08

    Ali M & Richard Curry: Viper Jet

    In this video, Ali Machincy and Richard Curry present their Viper Jet. The Viper came as a base white kit and they painted it in a stunning scheme of silver and red which looks good on the ground and in the sky. Ali and Richard are finishing the test flight of their new Viper Jet

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  • 13:41

    All About RC Servos

    Anthony Ferretti from Hidden Hangar Hobbies in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania introduces to you several different kinds of servos.Take a look inside a servo and hear Anthony explain what makes it operate. Need to replace parts of a servo? Learn tips from Anthony as he shows how it’s done.

  • 13:12

    Introduction to Gyros

    Steve Thomas from Bob’s Hobby Center in Orlando, Florida presents everything you need to know about Gyros in this video! Gyros help with the stabilization of an aircraft and Steve shares the options available on the marketplace. He also gives a demonstration of what a Gyro does and encourages you to give one a try

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