Install New RV LED Bulbs to Brighten the Area

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Installing new RV LED bulbs can make the space in the RV feel much more open and brighter than older incandescent or even newer halogen lights. There are a variety of LED bulbs available on the market therefore it’s important to research the difference. Most LED bulbs use the same chips, however notice the number of chips and the material used to house them. The more expensive RV LED bulbs are made with an aluminum cage rather than fiberboard, which help these bulbs last longer and survive the bumps in the road while traveling.

Get the number or style of your existing bulb so you can ensure you are installing the proper RV LED bulbs. Most ceiling light bulbs have one terminal on the bottom while wall lamps have two. Using the wrong bulb will most likely blow a fuse at the panel.

Before installing your new RV LED bulbs disconnect the negative cable at the house battery. If the lights were on for a period of time, use a cloth to remove the existing bulbs. Because incandescent lights burn hot, this will prevent any burns. If the bulb is loose in the socket, pinch the connectors before installing the light. This will help secure the bulb in place. The new RV LED bulbs will use one-tenth of the power standard incandescent lights use and be so much brighter. You will notice an immediate difference.

You can install LEDs in just specific areas such as reading locations in the living room or bedroom, or throughout the entire RV. Three different light colors or temperatures are available, warm white provides a tradition “golden” or softer light often preferred in the bedroom while natural white is consistent with traditional light temperatures. Cool white is much more intense and often preferred by older RV owners for reading but do have a blue or sterile look.

Installing new LED bulbs in place of existing incandescent or halogen ones will make your RV feel so much more open and more comfortable to be in when the sun goes down outside. You will be surprised by the different changing the bulbs can make.