Keep Your RV Windows Working Smoothly

Duration: 4:16

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To keep your RV windows in great shape, take a few minutes to watch this helpful video. You’ll learn all the essentials, including how to check the condition of the framework, keep your RV windows sliding smoothly and maintain the weep holes.

Be proactive and inspect your RV windows about once a year. Start by looking at the framework, which sandwiches the window in place. Make sure it’s nice and snug — not loose or broken anywhere.

If your interior RV windows are hard to slide back and forth, check the grooves to see whether they’re clean. If they’re not, apply some graphite and slide the windows back and forth a few times. Graphite is an excellent material because it doesn’t build up or attract moisture and dust.
On your outdoor RV windows, examine the framework for dings and dents, and make sure the seals look tight. If you see any gaps or air leaks, it’s time to reseal the window.

Check the bottom channels of the exterior RV windows, and put graphite along the bottom edge if needed. As you did inside, slide each outdoor window back and forth to make sure it runs smoothly.

While you’re outside, look at the weep holes on your RV windows. These are designed to keep condensation from accumulating _ a vital function in any rig. Make sure nothing is stuck in the weep holes, such as debris or spider webs. If necessary, use an air gun to clean out the holes.
Through clear, step-by-step demonstrations, this video makes it a snap to maintain your RV windows. You’ll enjoy smooth-sliding windows each day, and you’ll appreciate clean weep holes and sturdy seals over the long haul.