RV LED Lights: A Five Minute Fix to Light Your Entryway

Duration: 7:19

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When you’re boondocking in the wide open spaces with no street lights or other rigs around, outside lighting is crucial and expected all night long. Move your RV to a park or campground, though, and having lights on outside all night long can really annoy the neighbors. Your outdoor lights may make it safer to go up or down your steps after dark, but if you let them shine into the RV next door, you may be interrupting someone’s good night sleep.

The answer is adjustable RV LED lights for next to the door that can be switched from on all the time to motion sensor mode. In this second mode, the light is off until something the size of a human walks near your door, and then it lights up bright. You’ll avoid annoying your neighbors, but you’ll also avoid banging your ankle on the edge of the steps when you want to go inside. It’s also a great security light if someone comes to your door in the middle of the night.

In this video, you’ll learn how to quickly and easily install solar powered RV LED lights. When they’re on, you’ll have a light bright enough to illuminate your stairs in the darkest night. You’ll also learn tips about special ways to drill screw holes to avoid cracking your RVs fiberglass shell, how to determine the best placement for your light, and how to waterproof the fixture to avoid moisture damage underneath. Solar RV LED lights will save you money in the long run, as they don’t have to be hooked to your power supply, and LED technology means your lights will last for years instead of bulbs like older versions used to do. Altogether, this task should take you five minutes, and will light your way home for years.