RV LED Lights: Are They Right for Your RV?

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Which type of light bulb do you choose when you face a burned out incandescent bulb in your RV? Older RV’s had energy consuming incandescent bulbs while newer coaches have gone to halogens. Do I simply replace the bulb with the same type or upgrade to the new LED technology? And are all LED bulbs the same? Here are a few considerations to help make your answer more informed.

Heat Build-Up

If you have an RV that is even just a few years old, you might notice that the light covers are yellowing and on older RV’s you might discover that the heat from the incandescent bulbs has burned through the covering. One big difference between LED and incandescent bulbs is heat build-up. The positive thing about RV LED lights is that under normal operation they run cooler than incandescent bulbs.

Energy Consumption

Incandescent bulbs not only run hotter, they require more power to provide less light! The average Incandescent bulb draws approximately 1 amp while the average LED draws almost 10 times less. Depending on how many lights you operate, and for how long, the old fashion lights will drain a battery in no time.

LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are not created the same. Most are created for shorter duration usage while others offer designs that mimic incandescent usage. How do you know which type of LED bulb is perfect for replacing an incandescent bulb? To learn more about which LED bulb to Choose, this LED Overview video explains it all.

Polarity Specific

Polarity is the direction of flow of electricity „ positive to negative or negative to positive. The question of polarity arises because not all fixtures are wired correctly. To learn more about polarity and RV LED Lights this video of LED Overview walks you through the entire process. Learn how to test bulbs for polarity sensitivity and watch a demonstration on light bulb brightness.

Power Fluctuations

Your 12 volt system is prone to power fluctuations. Which type of bulb is better suited to handling power fluctuations? As your system starts up, there is a flare of power and as the battery drains, the power running through your system drops. That is a normal process in RV’s.