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WoodWorkers Guild of America

WWGOA features shop-tested, time-saving tips that you can apply to your next project. Our experts will guide you through the process step-by-step. From projects for the home, to great gift ideas, to practical shop builds, you’ll find it all. And best of all, you can watch our woodworking and project instruction videos while you work. It's like having an expert woodworker right by your side!
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  • 4:52

    Tapering Furniture Legs on a Band Saw

    Here’s a simple way to produce tapers for furniture legs. No specialized jigs required. Just a band saw equipped with the right blade, and you’re good to go.

  • 9:58

    How to Photograph Projects: Photographing Furniture

    Larger objects, like chairs and tables, require larger backdrops and some different use of lights. Correct positioning of the piece on the backdrop is very important, and the angle from which you shoot the piece can make or break the image. Add to that a high gloss finish, and you can have some photography challenges.

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  • 20:30

    Shop-Made Straight Edge

    A straight edge is an invaluable tool in your woodworking shop. Unfortunately, buying a quality straight edge can be very expensive. Here’s how to avoid that expense by building your own shop-made straight edge. The key is taking three different boards and using each as a reference to make sure you end up with three

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  • 2:41
    Burn Free Scroll Saw Cutting

    Burn Free Scroll Saw Cutting

    Scroll saws provide the unique ability to create curved cuts with a tight radius, while leaving a surface quality that typically requires very little Sanding prior to applying a finish. But when working with stock that is thick or dense, scroll saw cutting can sometimes lead to burning the wood. This is a bad situation

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  • 4:09
    Using Figure 8 Table Top Fasteners

    Using Figure 8 Table Top Fasteners

    Figure 8 fasteners provide a great way to attach solid wood tops to furniture bases. This is a method that’ll help ensure the solid wood tops you’re putting on your woodworking projects won’t crack as they try to expand and contract over time. Try them the next time you build a desk or table. They

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  • 6:01
    Setting Up & Using a Spokeshave

    Setting Up & Using a Spokeshave

    A spokeshave can be a versatile tool to use on your woodworking projects, but only if it’s correctly set up. Bevel up or down? Blade parallel or skewed? How do you take the backlash out of the adjustment nuts? And what about spokeshaves that don’t have adjustment nuts? Tom Caspar has the answers and will

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  • 20:25
    Lathe Project - Make a Coffee Scoop

    Lathe Project – Make a Coffee Scoop

    Any coffee lover will appreciate this project; a custom turned coffee scoop. The turning process is pretty straight forward, but there are some tricks in mounting the blank and fastening the scoop to the wooden handle. Decaf or regular, this scoop will help keep your coffee habit satisfied.

  • 2:43

    How to Photograph Projects: Choosing a Background

    The background can make or break your picture. Our biggest tip: Keep It Simple. Nothing complex about this. The backdrop for a great pic can be as simple as a piece of fabric, or the blank side of an old poster.

  • 5:38
    How to Photograph Projects: Using Natural Light

    How to Photograph Projects: Using Natural Light

    The best way to shoot large projects, or outdoor furniture, might be outside. In full sun, or shade? In the middle of a lawn, or up against trees? This clip will help you make your projects look great with outdoor photography.

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